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Duke having fun exploring

Emma having fun exploring!!

Merle pup am feeding. running a muck a muck a muck!!!

Diamond is what we like to call her

This is Two Face because his face is 2 colors

Bulls Eye at 6 weeks of age

6 weeks old all black

31 days old 7.10 lbs


Rheece Reads to the Puppies

Jewels out enjoying the farm

Gunner at 6 12 weeks

taking pictures of Jax

picture taking with Sterling

Dancing with Danes Puppies

# 3 Merle male 3 days old

Big Girl learning to sit

Brindle boy 5 weeks old

orange girl at 4 weeks old

Yellow girl 4 weeks old

Brindle girl 4 weeks old

Baylor reading a book to Big Boy

big boy 3 weeks 5 days

boy green 3 weeks 5 days

brindle boy blue collar 3 week 5 days

Sweet lil snowflake

video 1 of Sunday at 10 days old

Saturday at 10 days old so cute

Zuki and Zues Great Dane Puppies

Savage is too cute playing with her toys!