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Charlie ...Adorable Shorkie Boy!!

Parker is a first generation Shorkie.

Sunny..Sweet Shorkie boy !!

Bentley...Adorable First Generation Shorkie!!

Winston..Cute Shorkie boy!!!

Short clip of curious little Rigley

Benson is a big fan of hotdogs!

Brayden...Gorgeous Shorkie boy!!!

Bentley...Shorkie cutie!!!

Princess...First Generation Shorkie

Rebekah...Darling Shorkie

Maddy...Beautiful Shorkie !!!

Sweet as can be, Shorkie puppy

Gi Gi...Cute First Generation ShorkieTzu!!!


Cinnamon Shorkie, Too Cute not to Love!

Danny male F1 Shorkie

Handsome Sean - Shorkie Boy

Precious Little Loving Shorkie Puppy!!

Cute lil Kody - Shorkie Boy

Adorable Toy Shorkie Boy!

Adorable Toy Shorkie Boy!

Playful Shorkie Boy!

Super Cute Shorkie Girl!

Gus...Shorkie Cutie Pie!!!

Adorable Shorkie Boy Puppy

Adorable Shorkie Male puppy

Adam..Beautiful big brown eyes !!!

Banjo...Happy New Friend!!!

Adorable little Casey