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Wendy & Mum Treat Time!

Louis! Happy Boy! Slideshow

Whoodle puppies are so cute

Carlin is playing with the boys

This is our new puppy Navarre

Hershey blue collar www.diamonddoodles.com diamond doodles

Star Mini Whoodle! www.diamonddoodles.com

Millie Mini Whooodle girl! www.diamonddoodles.com

Scully white collar Mini Whoodle www.diamonddoodles.com

Rue has a purple scarf on.

Chad! Mini whoodle male!

Lily Mini Whoodle female puppy!

Rue female mini whoodle!

Portia Mini Whoodle female!

Cupid, the tail that wags the dog.

Jack the Mini Whoodle at seven weeks

A Cheerful Puppy With A Bright Sunny Personality!

Violet An Adorable Whoodle Pup

Mini Whoodle pups! XOXO

F1B Tiny Whoodle Girl! "Lola"

NATURAL tail! Mini (20-30lbs) Whoodle! "Roxi"

NATURAL tail! Mini (20-30lbs) Whoodle! "Fancy"

NATURAL tail! Mini Whoodle! "Fancy"